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Breakfast Bites hosts weekly networking sessions at Keighley Golf Club to develop collaborations and referrals.


Coffee & sandwich
Meet everyone attending
Guest speaker
Member pitch
One to one meetings

There’s an affiliate program and access to an external network of entrepreneurs.


Did you know that word of mouth generates twice the sales of paid advertising and that 92% of consumers trust referrals from people they know?

People referred by friends are 4 times more likely to make a purchase and that a referred customer generates 16% more in profit than a non-referred customer. Data from Lobster.

This underscores the financial value of a reliable referral from other experienced business people.

OPTION 1: Guest ticket for your first session – FREE.
OPTION 2: £15 for occasional visits or nothing if you can’t afford it (07843835646)
OPTION 3: £15 cash and pay when you arrive. This includes a sandwich.
OPTION 4: £295 for the first year (equiv. £5.90 per session) for regular attendance for the first business to take that sector.

Please note that there are only two slots for each business type and a current list is here.

Dates: Every Tuesday
Time: 9am to 10am with time for casual meetings after.
Venue: Keighley Golf Club, Howden Park, Utley, Keighley, West Yorkshire, BD20 6DH
Parking: Free, easy parking.


EARN INCOME – refer friends and others by becoming an affiliate.

You’ll effectively build your own team of talented people
around you
, saving you a great deal of time and money.

Every tuesday
9am – coffee & sandwich and open networking
meet new people
9.15am – meet everyone attending
bite-sized tipS
9.35am – guest speaker & local member pitch
open networking
9.50am – open networking

build contacts & collaborate

How great entrepreneurs build their business!


Q – Who currently attends?
A – It’s growing and people come from Halifax, Queensbury, Bradford, Leeds, Shipley, Keighley, Haworth and Skipton and includes accountants, solicitor, travel counsellors, graphic designer, animator, IT support, SIA security, event organiser, coach, office cleaning, plus more…

Q – Why should I attend?
A – You can:

  • Effectively build your own team of talented people around you, saving you a great deal of time and money.
  • Gain referrals.
  • Learn something new.
  • Find out about grants and free business support.
  • Have an opportunity to raise your profile by being on the website and share some tips to those attending, at no additional cost.

Q – Why should BIG BUSINESSES attend?
A – Big businesses should attend because they:
– Need good, local suppliers who innovate.
– Can quietly receive specialist advice themselves.
– Care about the town they are based in.
– Care about the staff who buy from the small businesses in the town.
– Care because they want to entertain clients locally who visit from afar.
– Care about keeping the money in the local economy.
– Care about anyone trying to make their way as they once did.
– Care because they want to give something back.

Q- Do I have to attend every week?
A – You will be very welcome to attend every week, but no. Breakfast Bites is for those who want to drop in and drop out of networking based on their family and other business commitments. 

The more you attend, the more contacts and referrals you’re likely to receive.

Q – What is the cost & how do I pay?
A – The first session is free for everyone and start-ups will be offered a referral for free support via our sponsor. Then it’s:

OPTION 1: Guest ticket for your first session – FREE.
OPTION 2: £15 for occasional visits or nothing if you can’t afford it (07843835646)
OPTION 3: £15 cash when you arrive.
OPTION 4: £295 for the first year (equiv. £5.90 per session) for regular attendance for the first business to take that sector.

Please get in touch to give a PO Number or if you prefer to pay via bank transfer, please let us know when done. Details are:
David Robertson-Brown
Bank Account: Starling
Account No: 28984984
Sort code: 608371

The free start up support is for up to 12 hours and could provide a small grant should you have social aims or have high growth potential via another support agency.

Q – If I can’t join, can I still refer others and become an affiliate?
A – Yes. We recognise your time is precious and we’d like to encourage and reward you for helping to build our network too (being tested).

Q – What is the format?
A – People meet over coffee as they arrive, then after a short welcome, we break into speed networking where you’ll get to briefly meet at least half of the people attending. It’s okay to sit out if this is not for you.

We then receive a bite-sized piece of business information or talk from an external entrepreneur and finish with open networking where you can meet anyone you want to in your own time.

Q – How many of each business type can attend?
A – Only two of each business types can attend and priority is given to those paying by annual subscription.

Ideally, these two businesses would be targeting different sectors or be a start up and established business.

Q – I’m quite shy. Will it be okay for me?
A – It’s exactly for you! I’m always on the look out for shy people or those that may feel a little uncomfortable in a room of people.

You are not alone and many regulars are shy too. Just let me know when you arrive and you’ll be well cared for.

Q – What is expected of me?
A – That’s simple. Try a guest session for FREE, then choose to pay the way that suits you best and ask for business support if required.

Have a positive state of mind, try to leave your comfort zone and help out everyone else you meet. You will get it back and more if you do. 

If you enjoy it and can see value in attending, please encourage others to attend. When everyone does this, the group will grow very quickly.

Q – Where does Breakfast Bites operate?
A – We currently operate from Keighley and will begin sessions in Skipton and other places soon. Please get in contact if you would like to attend at other locations and we will notify you when they are due to begin.

Q – What other developments are coming?
A – Our logo has been animated and used on our digital platforms and videos; an affiliate program is built in and will be available after being thoroughly tested; there will be free online business advise via your preferred social media channel. Finally, we will automate as much as we can, making even easier for you to book on and register your attendance via a QR code.

bite-sized tips

Get tips & tricks to boost your sales

Every week guest speakers and members offer inside information about their specialist area for just 10 minutes with further advise after the main session.

This shortcuts you for to where to go and what to do, saving you a great deal of time and money.

From £5.90

FIRST TIME IS FREE, THEN £15 per session or £295 for the year, but please book in advance.

Hi, My name is david.
I run breakfast bites and control the pace & feel of each session.

I also encourage start-ups and refer them on to the most appropriate business support agency, of which some attend from time to time.

  • Friendly advice
  • Connect with others
  • Google Analytics & Ads qualified.
  • SFEDI Business Consultant Accredited – Small Firms Enterprise Development Initiative.
  • First Aid at Work FAIB (3 days), Outdoor First Aid (2 days).
  • Fire Marshal & EVAC Chair.
  • Conflict Management.
  • Electrical Engineer & Digital Techniques (ONC).
  • Events public liability insurance cover for £5M.

Breakfast Bites, Owner – business networking for start-ups and established business.

Health & Wellbeing Festivals CIC, Director – social enterprise for running festivals, workshops and dances that may not be viable on a commercial basis.

Trycare, Digital Marketing Manager – for a dental & chiropody wholesale supplier of over 28k products with 2.5k customers and 80 staff. Helped grow the company sales by £4m to over £14m within 4.5 years and increased online sales from £900k to over £3.7m.

Glyde House Business Centre – managed all aspects with offices to rent, virtual offices, public bar and events venue.




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